I really want to bring you behind-the-scenes and share part of my life I’ve shared before but in a different way. I closed my last live launch to Weight Loss from Within yesterday, and for the entire week I’ve been feeling a little sad and off, even had hints of anger at times. But this morning I came to realize that today is the anniversary of a very profound day in my life. So often we don’t recognize how much our past is still impacting us, even if we’re not still emotionally tied to it. In this episode, I talk about the catalyst for my huge transformation nine years ago and where I plan to go from here.

[3:57] – The huge realization I had by checking my Facebook account today

[7:01] – An invitation to listen to your wake-up call starting right now

[11:00] – What I plan to do to make sure that this time next year feels joyful

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