In episode 202 Lisa recaps her recent trip to Sedona to celebrate her 50th birthday and lessons she wants to pass along to you about when it’s time to shake things up. I posed the following question myself and others on this retreat: if you knew you were going to die in 5 Years what would you say yes to?

If you’re set in your schedule and live by the phrase “it is what it is” then you’re going to want to listen.  Lisa breaks down how having her entire schedule flipped upside down challenged her perspective on letting go and adapting, while also providing an opportunity to see her world differently.

She also dives into how to discover possibility where maybe you don’t see any, and that anything can be figured out if you’re willing and open to seeing a different path. Being committed means also reflecting on your commitments and making adjustments instead of being stuck in your own status quo.

Lisa also discusses how often driven, ambitious, A-types often forget the importance of lightening up, having more fun and creating time and space for things that are for pure joy and pleasure.

All this along with exploring the deeper meaning of loving what you do, but loving yourself more.

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