Episode 203 takes a look at how we define a healthy relationship with the gym. I ask the question, is being addicted to the gym healthy? You might not realize that not all “healthy” people are healthy.  Although the outside package might look the part of being healthy, it’s how you define health on the inside that matters more.

For many gym goers, it’s a place they go to feel good, manage stress and anxiety and get a great sweat on.  Often those who are religious about their training, it becomes a part of their identity and starts to define how they think and feel about themselves.  The problem becomes that often this healthy way of being can take a turn to the excessive that includes no days off and the world falling apart if they become sick or injured.  They feel better when they’re exercising regularly, but don’t know how to feel good if they can’t exercise.  Not to mention, taking a day off of exercise creates anxiety and stress.

Exercise is meant to release feel good endorphins, however do you know how to feel good if you can’t exercise for whatever reason?

In today’s episode, Lisa shares about her recent injury and how she’s navigating her time off today vs how she would have reacted to being off in the past.

Here are a few things to be on the lookout for to determine if you’re addicted to the gym in an unhealthy way

1. You aren’t recovering well

2. Your resting heart rate becomes elevated

3. You get sick more often

4. You’re always tired and don’t sleep well

5. You’re having mood swings and often find yourself depressed outside the gym

6. You feel like you can’t take a break

7. You don’t know how to cope with life without your daily exercise

8. Your strength is decreasing

9. You’re getting injured or experience over use aches and pains

10. You obsess about getting your workout in at the expense of everything else in your life.

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