Are you a chronic snoozer?  Do you hit the snooze button multiple times before getting out of bed in the morning?  Have you ever considered how much time and energy that is costing you to negotiate with yourself?  In today’s episode #215 Lisa talks about the energetic cost of hitting snooze and what it means for the relationship you’re having with yourself.

Personal integrity is about keeping promises with yourself, but have you ever thought about what happens when you are constantly breaking promises with yourself?  What do you think the impact on your energy might be?  Do you think breaking promises to yourself fills you with energy or depletes your energy?

Every day with every decision you decide the type of relationship you’re creating with yourself. You decide if you’re going to create more energy for yourself or if you’re going to deplete your energy.

An easy way to create success is to commit to no longer hitting snooze and start your day winning and feeling energized.

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