Episode 214 brings a new twist and perspective to the Tale Of Two Wolves.  Perhaps you’ve heard this fable before about the battle that goes on inside each of us and how to determine who wins.  In today’s episode, Lisa share’s an extended version of this story that goes beyond the ending you’re probably familiar with and into the importance of feeding both parts of you.

We all have negative thought loops, but have you ever considered the value they bring to your life and why they started in the first place? Self-development wants you to believe that we should only feed the good and only focus on how we want to feel, but when you come to understand the power of ALL your emotions, this is when your life will truly begin to shift.

It’s not about never feeling bad, but understanding how to work with your emotions so that you can use them to guide your actions.  The work is often not what many believe it to be and is more a journey to discover all the parts of yourself good and not so good so that you can come to love and accept them all.

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