In episode 194, Lisa shares how she’s approaching her 50th birthday and how being “halfway to dead” had changed her outlook on life and business. She invites her listeners to look at what they are making important in their lives and “if” it’s actually important.

Are you LIVING your life, or does it feel like life is living you?  What are you settling for?  What are you giving importance to that isn’t that important?  Your lifespan on this planet WILL end and that is pretty much the only thing you can be certain of, however you have the power to make choices every day to support your life.  Are you choosing things that make you feel the way you want to feel?  Have the experiences you want to have? Live in a way you feel fulfilled, joyful and excited to get out of bed, or are you just going through the motions?

This episode invites you to get curious about how you’re spending your days, your time, your energy and your money.  Do your choices invite in the life you want, or create more of what you don’t want?  Are you in a holding and waiting pattern?

After you’ve finished listening to the episode, jump in to Lisa’s DM’s and share with her what you’re going to start saying YES to and what you’re going to say NO to.  You’ve got one life.  NOW is the time to claim what you want and take responsibility for creating it.


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