I recorded this episode on Saturday, an odd day for me. But I felt inspired to talk about this now with the latest wave of COVID-19 in progress worldwide. Believe it or not, despite doing this podcast every week, I sometimes find it hard to find my voice. But right now, we’re living in a world with so much diametrical thinking: you have to be on one side or the other, you have to do this or the opposite thing. This week, I’m making an impassioned plea for us all to wake up and embrace both/and thinking.

[2:15] – The gift I’ve always struggled with thanks to my empathetic nature

[4:45] – What prevents many women from having a healthy body relationship

[6:49] – The impulse to control in order to avoid feeling fear

[10:51] – Looking at where else in your life you’re getting into either/or thinking

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