What if the COVID pandemic is happening for you?  What if this is the ONE event that could so radically transform your life you’d be forever grateful?

In episode 71 Lisa takes you back in time 8 years ago when she experienced her own personal crisis that impacted every area of her life.  When you are willing to explore your circumstances as opportunities, let go of worry, anger, resentment and fear you’ll find your emotions were simply trying to show you what you’ve been missing.   The best time to dive into transformational work is when life is life-ing because you are forced to practise the lessons daily and sometimes hourly.  You can make choices for your growth now that will impact how you navigate this crisis and whether or not you’re simply surviving or thriving.

Lisa has opened up slots on her calendar for new 1:1 single coaching sessions you can apply at http://www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm

Resources mentioned

Co-dependant no more

The language of letting go

both are written by Melody Beattie