Do you tend to go off the deep end when things don’t go the way you want when you want them? Life rarely goes according to plan. I used to lose my shit when something went wrong in my day, but these days I live from a place where everything will always work out even when things look dicey.

Sometimes, though, when things aren’t working it can be a challenge to get yourself back into that space. So in this episode, I want to talk about how to trust in yourself and the belief that everything will be okay.

[3:09] – The choice I had to make that could’ve ruined my day

[5:07] – How easily things can cascade when one thing goes wrong, if you let it

[6:24] – The question to ask yourself when something doesn’t go your way

[7:09] – How living from a state of constant, aggravated reaction to events can affect your well-being

[8:37] – Practice this if something goes wrong today

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