You might have big, audacious goals and feel unapologetic about wanting to create an extraordinary life for yourself. I know I want that for myself as well. But are you addicted to doing more, working more, achieving more to the detriment of your health?

Just because you want more doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself out in the process. In fact, rest is my #1 success strategy. So in today’s episode, I really want to discuss why I view it as such and how you can start to look at rest differently.

[2:52] – What is your relationship with rest?

[3:57] – Why I really struggled to learn how to rest

[6:22] – How the past year or so of the pandemic has impacted me and my nervous system

[12:16] – Why you need data and can’t just rely on feelings when it comes to stress

[14:32] – How I make rest a priority and why I need to go even further

[19:24] – Using self-hypnosis as a tool to help settle the nervous system

[22:35] – Things you can do to help regulate your nervous system

[26:47] – Ten signs of adrenal fatigue to watch out for

[35:15] – Taking an inventory of your own life right now

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