If you’ve been listening for a while, you know I tend to talk a lot about how to care for yourself. Today, I have a special guest on with me to discuss this in a way I’ve never really dove into before.

Cindy Ingram is a former client of mine, as well as a good friend and colleague. As an art lover, former art teacher, and art connection facilitator, Cindy knows that art is a great way to connect with your emotions. I know that, for me, art has become really powerful but not necessarily in the way we think of art.

So in this episode, we delve into emotional fluency and feeling your feelings but through the lens of personal art connection. Cindy even walks me through an interactive exercise where I personally connect with a work of art live, right here on the show!

2:11 – Cindy discusses her deeply emotional connection with art

5:55 – Art’s ability to allow you feel safe in your feelings

7:38 – Using art as a tool to practice self-care

10:54 – The tendency of different forms of art to meet you wherever you are in your life

15:36 – Why even artwork that bores or repels you is worth exploring

19:51 – Approaching self-care and art in a different way

25:17 – A fun exercise where I personally connect with a work of art by Miquel Barceló

36:18 – What’s different for me after doing this exercise

39:09 – Where the real meaning behind any work of art can be found

42:42 – How art can serve as a safety net for hard conversations

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