Talking about the cycle of relapse sounds dramatic, like I’m talking about an addict in recovery, right? And in a way, that’s not far from the truth, but what do I really mean here? The cycle of relapse is really about understanding behaviors you exhibit that pull you out of alignment with yourself and prevent you from feeling good.

These are your red flag behaviors and they crop up long before you even get to the relapse stage. But it all starts with you being triggered by something. In this episode, I discuss how to uncover and understand your red flag behaviors and even walk you through how I figured out and dealt with some of my own.

[5:54] – One of the red flag behaviors I repeated for a very long time

[9:32] – How I recently found myself caught up in a whole bunch of red flag behaviors

[18:22] – Another red flag behavior of mine (that you probably do too) and what it signifies for me

[21:16] – Quick examples of more red flag behaviors people repeat

[26:40] – A former red flag behavior of mine regarding money

[27:27] – Figuring out your partner’s red flag behaviors and discovering your own

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