In this inspiring episode #236 of the Full Frontal Living podcast, Lisa shares her perspective on a common but limiting pattern of thinking – the “when-then” mindset.

Many of us are guilty of postponing our desires and aspirations, waiting for the “perfect moment” or conditions to be met before we give ourselves permission to enjoy what we want.

Lisa draws from personal experiences, revealing how she fell into this trap and how it kept her from realizing her desires, from taking time off to making long-awaited purchases.

Lisa dives into the topic of self-acknowledgment, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and honoring one’s own achievements. She also discusses the fallacy of waiting for the “perfect” condition to seek help or support, and how immediate action can accelerate your progress towards your goals.


What is one ‘when-then’ belief you’re ready to let go of? How will you say ‘YES’ to yourself and bring what you desire into your life today?


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