I felt intuitively drawn to do an interview with someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. Emma Jensen and I connected thanks to Human Design, a system through which you can know yourself better and have a blueprint for your authentic self underneath all the social conditioning you’ve experienced.

In Human Design terms, Emma is what’s called a Projector type. Today, she’s here to explain what Human Design is and the benefits you can derive from it, all 5 types and their Not-Self themes, and some basics of the heart and emotional centers in the system.

[4:06] – What Human Design is and what you need to generate your own chart

[8:59] – The Reflector type, the only one who can truly step in others shoes

[10:43] – The Projector type, who is here to guide others but only when invited

[13:34] – Not-Self themes for Reflectors and Projectors and what they indicate

[17:35] – The Manifestor, the only type meant to initiate things, and their Not-Self theme

[21:53] – The Generator, who has sustainable energy (with caveats), and their Not-Self theme

[25:07] – The Manifesting Generator, a mixture of two types, and their Not-Self theme

[26:53] – Lessons I’ve learned as a Manifesting Generator in business

[28:49] – Traits of having a defined or undefined heart center

[38:33] – Traits of the gates within the heart center when defined or undefined

[41:49] – What it means to have an undefined solar plexus center

[49:00] – What it means to have a defined solar plexus center

[54:18] – The meaning of the arrows at the top of the Human Design chart

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