Although it’s called Weight Loss From Within, what I’ve discovered with most of the women that come through it is that while they’d love to lose a couple of pounds, that’s not really what drew them to the program. The outcomes that everyone has gotten has been so diverse. My guest today, Georgia, joins us from Australia. I remember how she was at the start, and it’s like she’s a new person now! We talk about her journey through the program, especially who she was when she began and what changes transpired in her in the process.

[2:47] – Why Georgia was such a people pleaser before entering the program

[8:02] – The “wow” moment where Georgia realized she’d found the missing link

[11:55] – Georgia looking back to see why she felt she wasn’t enough

[16:09] – Reactions and rewards when Georgia finally set boundaries for her family

[25:39] – Old vs. new Georgia in terms of her reaction to her husband’s accident

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