Hey hey listeners!

Yesterday I posted the following over on my social media channels and today I’m sharing how it made me feel and how I’m navigating all of the emotion of putting myself out into the world in this way. 

I’m launching my new podcast in a few days and let me just say, it’s far from perfect.
There’s no fancy intro and outro.
There’s no cool voice over.
I don’t have show notes.

One episode I recorded in my car.

This is the foundation of Full Frontal Living™

I don’t wait for perfect.
I challenge myself to sit in the discomfort of launching something that isn’t more polished.
I challenge myself to speak when the message wants to come through me and not when I’m sitting perfectly poised in front of my fancy mic.
I challenge myself to just speak what’s on my mind WITHOUT a script, with some “uhms” mixed in and unedited.

For far too many years I waited…
and waited…
and waited…

Waited until the graphics were perfect.
Waited until the branding was perfect.
Waited until I had the perfect thing to say.
Waited for the perfect sales page.
Waited for the right time.

Do you know what happened?


I just wasted time and robbed the people who needed to hear my message from finding me.

Not anymore.

I commit to showing up REGARDLESS of the circumstances.
I commit to being there for my audience.
I commit to being in integrity with how I live and how I coach.
I commit to transparency.
I commit to just being me (which is far from perfect).
I commit to allowing things to be DONE and figuring out the rest later.

Perfection is just a smoke screen we throw up to hide our insecurities and fears.
It has NOTHING to do with excellence.

My people need me to show up raw because they’re craving someone to give them permission to do the same.

They’re craving freedom from their fears, doubts and judgments.

I am launching this for all the high achievers who are being so damn hard on themselves.
Successful women who are looking for freedom from doing all the things, freedom from overwhelm, and freedom from their anxiety, doubts and exhaustion.

I’m here to preach what physical and emotional wellbeing looks like when you practise it from the inside out.

This podcast is for those of us who LOVE what we do but who need to love ourselves more.

You can create massive impact while having a healthy relationship with your body, your business and the people you love.

We all deserve to have a voice and we all need other voices to guide us towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I’m excited, nervous and humbled that I to some I will be that voice.

I’d love for you to share your insights from this episode over on IG or FB by sliding into my DM’s.



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