In episode 207 Lisa has her former client Silva on the podcast to share her journey through coaching.  You’ll learn how Silva went from someone who was very rigid in her views of the world and her work, to a woman who now knows what it means to be at peace regardless of what life throws at her.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode are:

  • Being a woman in a male dominated industry and what many women have to do to “make it”.  And the long-term  impact that “doing” has on our energy.
  • How much our energy impacts the spaces we’re in and the people we’re around.
  • How life is more than just transactional.
  • What happened when Silva tuned into and began to trust her intuition and feminine sense instead of always being in her masculine energy.
  • How Silva began to shift how she saw herself in her business from an employee to a CEO mindset, and what happened when she did.
  • How using an alter-ego allowed Silva to begin to embody the woman she wanted to be both personally and professionally.
  • What it means to Silva to be lovingly detached in relation with her daughter who struggles with addiction. Silva shares her journey of letting go, acceptance and surrender so that she could find peace.

Lisa and Silva also discuss parenting, addiction and the power of 1:1 coaching.

If you’re ready to let go of doing all the things so that you can find the kind of peace and presence Silva now has, book your 30-minute consultation to explore what 1:1 coaching with Lisa can do for you.  Space is limited!

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