Goal setting has a dark side to it that people don’t talk about. It’s why so many of us struggle in the aftermath of attaining a goal. We can end up creating a whole host of problems for ourselves if we’re unaware. So in this episode, I want to share my thoughts and experiences with the dark side of setting and achieving goals, why we set goals, and why so many of us go backwards after achieving them.

[4:19] – Why goal setting is never really about the outcome

[4:48] – How I’ve struggled to deal with the lows after my WBFF show

[6:11] – The reason why so many of my clients set goals one right after the other

[7:22] – Why I grieved when I finally paid off my debt

[9:26] – Working towards vs. away from something

[11:09] – Where the lessons from achieving your goals hide

[17:50] – Honoring the time period after attaining a goal

[19:40] – Why you keep repeating patterns when attempting to achieve a goal like weight loss

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