Our parents were doing the best they could with what they knew when raising us. But they pass down stories and beliefs that can get in the way of growth and healing. Today, I’m bringing Melissa from Sydney, Australia to the show. She and I discuss how she was before and after connecting with me and her past as a self-critical people pleaser, especially regarding her family. Listen as she recalls her journey around healing both her body and her inner critic.

[3:32] – How much of a caretaker Melissa was when she started with me

[8:52] – Examples of self-criticism that Melissa internalized

[15:30] – Passing the concept of self-love down to the next generation

[23:38] – The stigma in Australia around seeking help from a therapist

[29:20] – Another huge generational belief that needs dismantling

[32:30] – Opening up the lines of communication between couples

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