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In today’s master class episode, we’re going to dive deep into the topic of how to master fear and doubt and take control of your life. We all face fear and doubt, no matter how successful we are or what we’ve accomplished. But the key is learning how to navigate these emotions in a powerful way. In this episode, we’ll explore the role of fear and doubt, and how they can actually be valuable tools for growth. We’ll also discuss a step-by-step process to help you move past your fears and doubts and step into your full potential. So get ready to discover the tools and strategies to conquer your fears and doubts and take control of your life. Let’s dive in!


[00:00:36] Taking responsibility for fear and doubt is crucial. Regardless of how successful you may be, these emotions will always arise. Learning how to effectively deal with them is essential for personal growth. Moving past fear requires a strategy. In this episode, Lisa will provide the tool she uses personally to navigate through fear and doubt.


[00:03:54] Fear is meant to keep you safe, but can’t differentiate between real and imagined threats. Determine if fear is genuine by distinguishing between real dangers and imagined scenarios in your mind. Fear and doubt aim to protect you.


[00:06:21] Naming and understanding fear; questioning worst-case scenario.


[00:09:21] The best thing is to see how crazy our fear is, and not give emotions too much meaning. Diffuse fear, doubt, and laugh at ourselves because life is meant to be fun. Most fears are just made up.


[00:14:37] The process helps to take action, laugh at oneself, and live fully.


[00:15:33] Partner with emotions, listen, distill. Create your desired life. Apply to work with Lisa at lisacarpenter.ca/collective


To learn more about working with Lisa apply for The Collective http://lisacarpenter.ca/collective

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