Today, I’m talking to Carly from Sydney, Australia who started working with me in June 2020. I’ve brought her on because I want to share what transpired for her in the six months we worked together. She had really profound results after a year of hesitation. She was doing busy work for the sake of being busy and using up time…and then beat herself up over not getting everything on her daily to-do list done. In this episode, we discuss how she turned it around and learn to set boundaries for herself.

[6:08] – The big problem Carly discovered when she first started

[11:24] – Carly taking responsibility for what was happening at work

[16:23] – How data (and a figurative face slap) led to a promotion and pay raise

[19:36] – Why high-functioning women constantly throw themselves under the bus

[25:43] – Where the energy behind drive or ambition really comes from

[31:15] – What drives Lisa a little crazy in the coaching world

[36:39] – The ultimate lesson Carly learned about herself

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