Have you mastered the process of just putting your head down, getting stuff done, and getting through the day? Day after day? You may not realize how navigating life in this way has impacted you on a deep level, including your emotional well-being. In this episode, I talk about emotional fluency and what it means to be okay with not being okay

[2:52] – The mistake you can make when you think you’re dealing with your emotions

[4:04] – How to know when you’re trapped in your emotions

[8:40] – Questions to consider as you look at your own life

[10:01] – Why I had to get really honest with myself last week

[14:16] – Why I think we’re afraid to express our emotions

[17:58] – What I’ve discovered since coming back from my show in Las Vegas

[20:32] – Why you need to work on your emotional fluency now more than ever

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