As I record this episode, we’re five weeks past my debut on the WBFF stage. So how did it go? For one thing, it really pushed the boundaries of what I was comfortable with to help me grow leaps and bounds. Today is kind of a debrief of the show. I talk about my trip from start to finish, the aftermath, and the far-reaching personal insights I discovered along the way that you can also apply to any area of life you choose.

[2:57] – One reason I decided to go back on the competitive stage

[6:16] – How I mentally and emotionally adjusted to being 20 pounds heavier at the top of my build

[8:15] – The biggest key to moving forward in your journey during times of uncertainty

[14:00] – My physical routine as the show got closer and how it busted a stereotype I had

[16:30] – A change in travel plans and how I turned it into as luxurious a trip as possible

[21:02] – Keeping healthy in Vegas and the benefit of competing by myself for the first time

[27:12] – How being alone really forced me into a place of receiving at an even deeper level

[30:20] – The profound moment I experienced when I stepped on stage

[37:33] – The best thing you can do for any area of your life

[39:45] – My results from the show and what I plan to do next

[44:28] – What I took a lot of time to do while trying to reintegrate after coming home

[47:30] – Making changes and tapping into what more might be possible for you

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