I turned 49 years old on the day of recording this episode, so happy birthday to me! Your 40s is the time to really release attachment to what others think about you and discover the stories you tell yourself about yourself, at least that’s been my experience. Every year on my birthday, I reflect on the past year and set my intention for the year going forward. So in this episode, I’m taking this opportunity, feeling the feels about my birthday, and sharing it with you!

[5:19] – Reflecting on the challenge of crossing a big financial threshold in my business this year

[7:29] – Stepping into a leadership role and making my debut on stage in 2022

[10:18] – Why my 48th year on this planet was one of the hardest years of my life

[13:01] – What I had to do to really start standing in my power and my values

[16:56] – Looking ahead to my 49th year and feeling grateful for friends and you, listener

[22:02] – How you can begin to create your own conscious journey moving forward

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