The concept of commitment is an interesting beast. It’s never something I’ve struggled with personally. I’m a pretty committed person, and it actually isn’t a problem for many people. What I find most of my clients struggling with is overcommitment. They become so driven for success that they overdue it. So in this episode, I want to address how I’ve created success for myself by being 100% committed to a lot less.

[3:20] – How I’m being very committed to being non-committed

[6:59] – Where I see so many people run into problems with overcommitment

[8:17] – The key component to following through on your commitments

[10:06] – What to do if you’re struggling to achieve your goal(s) despite being so committed

[11:37] – Why I see discipline as an act of self-love

[13:42] – Is it a commitment problem or an impatience problem?

[16:26] – A way to achieve what you want that goes against conventional wisdom

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