In Canada and the U.S., the season of giving started in early October: giving candy to strangers and thanks to our fortunes over the past year. Now, the season of giving is about to be cranked up for everyone with the addition of giving gifts to loved ones and money to good causes.

In this re-released episode, I want to unpack the perils of giving to the point of exhaustion, frustration, anger, and resentment. Women especially get caught in this cycle of giving as a way of showing love and demonstrating that everyone and everything comes before we do. Instead, let’s talk about shifting your energy and giving from a place of love, not lack.

[4:40] – Why women operate from a place of martyrdom

[6:42] – The client who was conditioned to hand her worthiness over to someone else

[8:03] – How a kid’s book demonstrates what I see wrong about the belief women have about our value

[11:03] – Reading a post from a private group that sparked an earth-shattering “aha!” moment

[13:48] – The root of giving all of your love away to others and how it robs you

[16:52] – What do love and a chocolate fountain have in common?

[18:09] – How the discomfort you might feel in putting yourself first helps you grow

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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Episode 15: “How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids and Be a Great Mom”

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