In Episode 105, Penny Chiasson joins me to talk about the benefits of hypnosis.  We can rewire anything in our subconscious.  Penny explains how the process of digging into our underlying beliefs, unpacking those stories, and feeling those emotions can help us move past huge blocks in our lives.

[2:03] – Penny shares her journey to becoming a professional hypnotist

[3:36] – How digging into your pattern of underlying beliefs can help rewire your brain

[10:08] – Why Penny does not work with weight loss clients

[12:28] – How your life is a reflection of what’s going on in your subconscious

[18:22] – Examples of how Penny’s clients have moved past their blocks

[25:25] – We can rewire anything by digging into our emotions, unpacking the story and rewriting it

[30:08] – Anger is NOT a bad emotion

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