In this deeply personal episode of Lisa Carpenter’s podcast, she shares an evocative story from her hike along the Camino de Santiago—how she learned to truly let go. Join Lisa as she explores the emotional and physical journey of releasing the burdens we carry, symbolized by the rocks she collected on her walk.


Key Highlights:

Embracing Vulnerability:

  • Dive into Lisa’s raw recount of confronting her own grief, forgiveness, and the path to emotional liberation.
  • Discover the strength in vulnerability, and how it paves the way for genuine personal growth.


The Choices We Hold:

  • Explore the choices we make in holding onto or releasing our pain.
  • Lisa discusses the deceptive comfort of familiar pains and the transformative decision to release them for a healthier self.


Symbolism of the Rocks:

  • Lisa shares the significance of two specific rocks she carried, each a marker of deep-seated emotional pain.
  • Learn about the profound moment of letting go, physically and emotionally, and the freedom it brought.


A Commitment to the Future:

  • Lisa emphasizes the liberation that comes with releasing past pains, allowing for a life aligned with personal values and truth.
  • Hear about her dedication to living authentically, guided by intuition and a commitment to personal values.


Guiding Transformation:

  • Gain insights into how Lisa assists her clients in navigating their paths from burdened to liberated.
  • Understand the delicate balance of guiding without imposing, allowing each individual’s unique journey to unfold.


Invitation to Listeners:

  • Lisa invites you to reflect on your own stories of letting go and encourages sharing these stories to inspire others.
  • Learn about the upcoming intimate retreat that promises deep connection, self-reflection, and rejuvenation.

Embark on your journey of profound personal growth and transformation with Lisa. Whether you’re a leader in need of release or seeking alignment and purpose, this episode offers valuable insights and steps toward a life of freedom and authenticity.

Tune in to uncover the transformative lessons a simple rock can teach about letting go, and how you can start living true to your deepest self today.


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