In episode 169 Lisa is joined by my guest Jill R Stevens where we talk about her newly published book “Create Your Most Delicious Life” and how Jill went from best-selling ghostwriter to coming out as a published author under her own name.

Lisa has been coaching Jill since August of 2019 and has witnessed her go from hiding in plain sight, getting caught up in all the details, making everyone else matter more than herself to standing in her personal power and taking back her life on her terms.

In today’s episode, Lisa and Jill dive into

* What personal power is

* Excellence vs Perfection

* Why boundaries are an important part of letting go of people-pleasing

* How to stay in the discomfort of change

* How to ask better questions

* What it means to stay in the energy of Joy

* How her book can help you determine who you are and get clear on what you want.

To learn more about Jill you can find her



To purchase her new book on Amazon “Create Your Most Delicious Life.  Life’s a bitch especially now, make it a joy!”