In episode 209 Lisa shares her word of the year and how this is informing her decisions about social media and how she will and won’t be producing content.  This is a time when everyone is fighting for your attention, but what is it costing you to be giving it away?  Have you considered how consumption is contributing to your feelings of being overwhelmed and unfulfilled?

Everyone seems to have the solution for what you *should* be doing to create better relationships, greater business growth, more money or how to get your health on track but if you started to block out the noise what is YOUR voice saying to you?

Consumption does not equal transformation.

Lisa goes on to speak about the long term results of her work with clients that gets them off the never ending hamster wheel of personal development.  Imagine for a moment if you were no longer looking for the solution for how to feel better and were finally living your life and enjoying the peace, joy and fulfillment because of the changes you made.

If you are ready to transform your life, stop consuming and start doing the work that is required, grab a 30-min consult with Lisa and learn more about her coaching packages.  These are no pressure calls, but simply a chance to connect, so she can listen to what you’re struggling with and determine what your next best step might be.

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